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Paris - December, 13-14, 2000

Amphitheatre R. Poincarre

Ministry of Research and Technology

1, rue Descartes - 75005 Paris, France

Third International Conference on Human-System Learning

Troisième Colloque International sur l'Apprentissage Personne Système


Web Based Learning, WAP Based Learning, Web Mining


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Caps'3 is sponsored by

Ministère de l'Education Nationale, France

Ministère de la Recherche, France

GREYC ­ UMR 6072 CNRS, Caen, France


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Association pour la Recherche Cognitive




Groupe de Recherche : Information, Intelligence, Interaction - CNRS






The Information Society is looming and new technology is shifting educational, learning and training paradigms. Virtual Universities, Cyber-Classrooms, Web Based Learning, WAP Based Learning, etc. may be cryptic catch phrases now but will be the norm within a decade. Web Based Learning is one of the new practices of teaching and learning enabled by the Internet and WWW. WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) Based Learning is one of the future practice of training and information retrieval enabled by the Mobil Phone Technology and the Internet. Obviously this kind of practices are more suited to users who want to evolve and enhance their competence in a domain than for traditional student-users. The emerging e-business, e-commerce and digital transactions on the Web sites become the main data sets resources for business marketing strategies. By using Web Mining (such like Data and Text Mining tools), companies can both analyse and predict the behaviour of their customers or "surfer". CAPS'3 aims to review, debate and to predict the power and the potentiality of the online digital information.



  • New Technology for Human Learning Training 
    • Web Based Learning, 
    • WAP Based Learning, 
    • E-Book 
  • New technology for System Learning 
    • Web Mining 
    • Agent-Based Learning for WWW 


Cognition, Data Mining, Distributed Artificial Intelligence, Ergonomy, Human-Machine Interfaces, Human-System Interactions, Interactive Multi-Media, Knowledge Data Discovery, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, New Educational Technology, System Design, Text Mining, WAP, Web Based Learning, Web Mining.





December 12th, 2000

8h30 ­ 9h55: Registration

10h00 ­ 10h15: Workshop opening

Khaldoun ZREIK, University of Caen
CAPS'3 Chairman

10h15 ­ 11h00: Tutorial

Mobil Internet : Introduction to Wireless Protocols

GREYC, University of Caen, France

Coffee Break

11h30 ­ 12h00: Discovering browsing paths on the web

Bruno CREMILLEUX, Mauro GAIO, Jacques MADELAINE, Khaldoun ZREIK, GREYC, University of Caen, France


12h00 ­ 14h00 : Free time for lunch


14h00 ­ 17h30: Experiences and Projects Panel I

The LIUM laboratory TeleTeaching project

LIUM - University du Mans

Learner models and learner environments

Department of Information Systems, University of Portsmouth, UK


Coffee Break


Organisation studies directed learning module
(taught with web assisted materials within the Clyde Virtual University)

Robert SCOTT
Division of Management, Glasgow Caledonian University, UK

eMersion: exploration of a new paradigm for Web-based training

MEDIA Research Group
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology


Discussions (animated by John ROSBOTTOM)

December 13th, 2000

9h ­ 9h30: Conference Opening

9h30 ­ 10h30: Invited Speaker : Conference

Unsupervized machine learning from the WWW: a case study on association rule mining

Jean-François BOULICAUT
INSA Lyon, France

Coffee Break

11h00 ­ 12h00: Session I

Automatic searching of WWW texts using conceptual dependency

David CALLEAR and Victor SOH
Department Information Science, University of Portsmouth, UK

HyWebMap, a system to create interactive networks

Imad SALEH, Nasserddine BOUHAÏ, Fabrice PAPY
Equipe Hypertexte dynamique, University of Paris 8, France

12h00 ­ 14h00 : Free time for lunch

14h00 ­ 15h30: Session II

Free-text assessment in a virtual campus

Philippe DESSUS, Benoît LEMAIRE, Angélique VERNIER
Lab. des Sciences de l'Éducation, University Pierre Mendès-France, France

Integrating natural language processing techniques and graph analysis for information retrieval on the Internet

Escuela Superior de Informatica, Universidad Europea-CEES, Spain
Pablo GERVAS, Departamento de Sistemas Informaticos y Programacion, Facultad de Informatica, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain
Beatriz SAN MIGUEL, Departamento de Inteligencia Artificial, Universidad Europea-CEES, Spain

Incomplete learning and pricing on the Internet

Benoît LELOUP, Laurent DEVEAUX
GRID, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Cachan, France

Coffee Break

16h00 ­ 17h00: Experiences and Projects Panel II

Students and faculty perception of the process and practice of problem based learning (PBL): the Rouen experience

Bachira TOMEH, S. Anani
Laboratoire CIVIIC, UFR de Psychologie, University of Rouen, France
J. WEBER, Faculté de Médecine, University of Rouen, France
H. HAMDY, Faculté du Golf, Bahrein

Multidisciplinary education and information technology

Escola Tecnica i Superior d'Arquitectura La Salle, Barcelona, Spain

December 14th, 2000

9h ­ 10h:Invited Speaker: Conference

Knowledge extraction from text, a machine learning approach

LRI, University of Paris Sud, France

Coffee Break

10h30 ­ 12h00: Session III

Implementing alternative learning technology ­ lessons from organisational theory

Robert SCOTT, Lorraine McKECHNIE
Division of Management, Glasgow Caledonian University, UK

Separating the chaff from the wheat: creating evaluation standards for web-based language training resources

Lars BORIN, Department of Linguistics, Uppsala University, Sweden
Sara GUSTAVSSON, Division of IT Services, Mid Sweden University, Sweden

Using knowledge and know-how to discriminate between presence and distant teaching

Violaine PRINCE, LIRMM CNRS, Montpellier, France
Christophe LECERF, IED & LRIA, University of Paris 8, France

12h00 ­ 14h00 : Free time for lunch

14h00 ­ 15h00: Session IV

Learning sequence controlled by learners and educators, within a CBI system

Manuela PEREZ, Jun H. JO
School of Information Technology, Griffith University, Australia

Metric on decision trees and optimal partition problem

Asseraf MOUNIR
ESIEA Ouest, France

Coffee Break

15h30 ­ 16h15: Invited Speaker : Conference

Towards Universal DBMS with XML

PRISM, University of Versailles, France






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Program Committee

Bruno CREMILLEUX, University of Caen, (Web Mining)

Jacques MADELAINE, University of Caen, (WAP Based Learning)

John Rosbottom, Portsmouth University, (Web Based Learning)

Jean SAQUET, University of Caen, (Web Based Learning)

Serge STINCKWICH, University of Caen, (Agent-Based Learning)

Maurice SZMURLO, TSIT, (WAP Based Learning)

Khaldoun ZREIK, University of Caen, France (Web-Mining, CAPS Chairman),



International Advisory Board

  • Ian AIRD, Caledonian University, UK
  • Michael BAKER, GRIC, CNRS Université Lumière Lyon 2, France
  • Monique BARON, LIP6, Universit* de Paris VI, France
  • Reza BEHESHTI, T.U.DELFT, The Netherlands
  • Bruno BACHIMONT, INA, France
  • Yacine BELLIK, LIMSI, CNRS, France
  • Peter BERNUS, School of Computing and IT, Australia
  • Cherif Branki, University of Paisley, UK
  • Ernesto COSTA, University of Coimbra, Portugal
  • Richard COYNE, University of Edinburgh, U.K.
  • Bruno CREMILLEUX, University of Caen, France
  • Malcolm CROWE, University of Paisley, UK
  • David DURLING, Staffordshire University, UK
  • Catherine GARBAY, TIMC-IMAG, France 
  • Gilles KASSEL, LARIA - Universit* de Picardie, France
  • Christophe LECERF, IED, University of Paris VIII, France
  • John LEE, University of Edinburgh, UK
  • Michel LEGLISE, Li2a-EAT, France
  • Jacques MADELAINE, University of Caen, France
  • Claire NEDELLEC, LRI - Universit* d'Orsay, France
  • Sidney NEWTON, University of Western Sydney, Australia
  • Anne NICOLLE, University ofCaen, France
  • Mourad Chabane OUSSALAH, Universit* de Nantes, France
  • Jean-Pierre PECUCHET, INSA de ROUEN,France
  • Violaine PRINCE, IED, Universirty of Paris VIII, France
  • John ROSBOTTOM, Portsmouth University, U.K.
  • Francis Rousseaux, Lip6, France
  • Jean SALLANTIN, LIRMM-cnrs, France 
  • Jean SAQUET, University of Caen, France 
  • Valdimir SRDANOVIC, University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia
  • Serge STINCKWICH, University of Caen, France
  • Maurice SZMURLO, TSIT, France
  • Pierre TCHOUNIKINE, University of Le-Mans, France
  • Philippe TRIGANO, Université de Technologie de Compiègne, France 
  • Reiner UNLAND, University of Essen, Germany
  • Jean VIVIER, University of Caen, France
  • Djamel A. ZIGHED, Université Lumière Lyon 2, France
  • Khaldoun ZREIK, University of Caen, France


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