Designing Cultural Participatory Platforms as Multi-Space Environments: A Cross-Media Approach

  • Marta Severo
  • Céline Morin
Keywords: participatory platform, cross-media, culture, affordance, design


This paper explores the evolving landscape of cultural participatory platforms. Scientific research on this subject tends to identify and describe two opposing phenomena: on the one hand, amateur platforms rooted in participatory culture, and on the other, institutional platforms, often embodied as crowdsourcing tools. We argue for the interest in overcoming this opposition and for studying the circulation across distinct digital spaces with diverse affordances. Based on the concept of ‘cross-media,’ we aim to propose a new theoretical and empirical approach for analyzing and designing cultural participatory platforms. A complex methodology, combining quantitative and qualitative techniques, is defined to analyze the different digital (amateur and institutional) spaces related to the 1 Day 1 Soldier project. Building upon this case study, this paper contributes a theoretical and empirical framework for understanding participatory platforms as dynamic, multi-space environments that accommodate diverse collective and individual needs.

Normal Paper (no special issue)